MEED MOR (Magic Knife)

A Meed Mor is a magic knife from Thailand that is used as a protective amulet or as a Ritual / Ceremonial instrument for various methods of Magical and Spiritual Practice. Meed means a knife and Mor means a Buddhist monk, a guru monk. The Meed Mor is the magic knife that has been energized with great spiritual power to provide you with protection, healing, confidence and courage. The Meed Mor will defeat and destroy all negative energy, black magic, evil spirits, demons, ghosts and will make ordinary water empowered and blessed. In the past, the Thai people used the power of the Meed Mor to protect them from the evil spirits and black magic when they traveled deep into the forests in Thailand. The Meed Mor also provided the power to give protection from the wild animals and the bad spirits in the forest. The Meed Mor is used as a sacred amulet or a ceremonial instrument for spiritual and magical practice. The Meed Mor can also be called a Meed Dhep Sattra (Gods Knife) or a Meed Prab Pairee (Conquering knife).