Phra Somdej Amulet

Thai people believe that the Phra Somdej amulet is the best amulet to give very strong protection to the wearer. A Phra Somdej amulet will help you acquire great wealth, give you good luck in your business and every day life, will help you overcome any obstacles in life, will protect you from being harmed and protect you from all types of danger. A Phra Somdej amulet will also protect you from evil spirits .
Phra Somdej were created by Somdej Phra Buddhacara Toh Prommarangsi (Somdej Toh) son of King Rama I.
He started to make Phra Somdej amulets in B.E.2409. Materials for making Phra Somdej comprise of : Shell lime, holy powder, assorted flowers from shine, rice, lotus, ashes, honey, banana, tang oil, etc. When the amulet has been created it is chanted with spells by Buddhist monks. A Phra Somdej amulet will bless you for good karma and strong protection against negative energy. A total of 84,000 amulets were made at the time. Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang is one of the most famous and the best amulets from Thailand.