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(including pouch to carry or keep the Meed Mor)
Antique Silver colour.
Luang Phor Pern'Tiger' Meed Mor (Magic Knife) for protection.

Rahu Pha Yant 'Wishing cloth' from Wat Srisathong Temple, Thailand included (picture below)

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MEED MOR MAGIC KNIFE 4.25 inches long

Antique Silver colour.
This Meed Mor (magic knife) has been created and blessed by monks in the Wat Bang Phra Temple, Thailand.

A Meed Mor is a magicknife from Thailand that is used as a protective amulet or as a Ritual / Ceremonial instrument for various methods of Magicaland Spiritual Practice. Meed means a knife and Mor means a Buddhistmonk, a guru monk. The Meed Mor is the magic knife that has been energized withgreat spiritual power to provide you with protection, healing, confidence andcourage. The Meed Mor will defeat anddestroy all negative energy, black magic, evil spirits, demons, ghosts and willmake ordinary water empowered and blessed.

In the past, the Thaipeople used the power of the Meed Mor to protect them from the evil spirits andblack magic when they traveled deep into the forests in Thailand. The Meed Mor alsoprovided the power to give protection from the wild animals and the bad spiritsin the forest. The Meed Mor is used as a sacred amulet or a ceremonialinstrument for spiritual and magical practice.

The Meed Mor can alsobe called a Meed Dhep Sattra (Gods Knife) or a MeedPrab Pairee (Conquering knife).

It is believed the Meed Mor will.

1. Repel the effects of black magic andwitchcraft.
2. Enhance leadership and Metta (love & kindness), protection from accidentsand personal injury.
3. Exorcise any evil spirits that are surrounding you.
4. Place the blade tip in ordinary water to make the water holy and the watercan be used to prevent bad dreams and repel bad luck and any negative energythat is surrounding you.
5. Protect you against the influence of other powerful talismans that have been programmedagainst you.
6. Protection from animal bites.
7. If the Meed Mor is kept at home or carried with you it will give you priorwarning of impending danger.
8. Whilst traveling into dangerous areas such as jungles, forests or a dangerouspart of town or a dangerous place you should use the Meed Mor to protectyourself by drawing a circle around yourself. The circle will become an invisible barrier to protect you against malevolent spirits, ghosts, negativeenergy, wild animals and any danger you may be in.
9. As a cure for poisoning you should dip the blade tip of the Meed Mor intowater and drink the water.

10. To exorcise evil spirits that may beinside your body apply the blade of the Meed Mor directly onto your foreheadand hold until the evil spirit has left your body.
11. In Feng Shui a Meed Mor will transformany bad Chi and replace it with good positive Chi. (Chi is the universal energyor the energy that permeates everything around us.

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Yantra (sacred script) engraved on the blade for protection.
A Yant is a sacred geometry design incorporating Buddhist psalms and magical formulas that invoke various elements and powers of protection and various blessings.

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Antique Silver colour.

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This blessed RAHU Temple 'wishing' cloth comes from the Wat Srisathong Temple in Thailand.

This blessed and empowered temple cloth talisman is called a Pha Yant.

It can also be called a 'Cloth Yant' a 'Paa Yant', a 'Payant' or a 'Yant cloth talisman'

This sacred blessed and empowered 'Pha Yant' sacred talisman can be framed and hung on a wall, hung on a wall as it is, carried with you in your pocket or placed in your car to grant you a safe journey. It can be given to a friend or loved one as a special sacred gift. This 'Pha Yant' is for your protection from evil and bad spirits, and will protect you against bad luck. A 'Pha Yant' will protect you from danger. This 'Pha Yant' will grant you a long and healthy life and also grant your wishes. A sacred 'Pha Yant' can be given to grant blessings to a wedded couple to enable them to have many healthy children and to have a long and a happy marriage.

**** If you write your wishes on the back of a blessed 'Pha Yant' they will be granted .
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A picture of me at the Wat Bang PhraTemple, Thailand where this Meed Mor came from.

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The tigers at the Wat Bang Phra Temple in Thailand.

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Antique Silver colour.

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This Meed Mor (magic knife) amulet comes with a black velvet pouch.

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A picture of me (Michael) being blessed by L. P. Samang at the Wat Bang Phra Temple, Thailand.

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It was said that when Luang Phor Pern wasin the jungle he was protected by a huge fearsome tiger which always accompaniedhim. Ever since then, the tiger became the protective symbol of Luang PhorPern.


GOOD FORTUNE: comes about when the energies of your body and mind click together. This is not just about the creation of wealth: good fortune is the experience when you know deep inside you that everything is right with the world. It is when you and the divine enjoy each others company. Good fortune is a natural state of mind that is part of who you are. It is inside you, just wanting to be released. Start by asking for it. Be humble and receive. If you seek good fortune unskillfully- in other words, selfishly- you will create obstructions. Good fortune never ever comes in a way that you expect it, so open your heart for a happy surprise. You keep your good fortune by sharing it and learning from it, not by showing it off. Use your good fortune by showing other people how to access it, based on your own experience.


At times, you can change your circumstances only by embracing the spiritual within you.

To heal someone, you must first know why people suffer. If through healing them, you can show them how to stop suffering, you have fulfilled your role as a physician.

At the heart of all suffering there is a spiritual remedy that comes about from knowing the relationships between karma and suffering.

Karma comes from the chaos that exists within all living creatures, all aspects of this world and the universe at large. Some chaos is good, some indifferent, some bad, but it is the stuff from which happiness and then enlightenment can be made.


To conquer oneself is a greater victory than to conquer thousands in a battle.

His Holiness The XIV th Dalai Lama

Temple 'wishing' cloth from the Wat Srisathong Temple, Thailand.

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Statue of Phra Rahu in the Wat Srisathong Temple, Thailand.

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PHRA RAHU TEMPLE WISHING CLOTH. for luck and protection.

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The items on this Spiritual-Sky eBay site, call upon you to go back, far back in time to when you were a child. In those days you thought that nothing at all was impossible, you could do anything and everything. In those days long ago your spirit had not been reduced by negativity you believed in pure and special magical powers and your mind was open to receive and discover and to understand the mysteries of life.


These Sacred Blessed and Empowered items have PURE POSITIVE SACRED POWER and can and will be attuned to you. Do you remember long ago that you had the ability of second sight, and other special abilities. You might never have revealed this to anyone as you felt slightly afraid and were not sure in yourself. Years later life takes its toll and you now think that these special abilities that you had years ago are now gone. These abilities NEVER GO, you still have the same abilities but you now have to clear a path to open your mind and be able to go back to your childhood and let your mind open up. When you work with ourSacred Blessed items you will soon realise that these are SACRED SPECIAL TOOLS and will work for you in many different ways. They will open up a PURE POWER FLOW FOR YOU, and enable PURE POSITIVE ENERGY to enter your divine spirit.

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Our sacred, rare, empowered and blessed items are being made available for the benefit of practitioners, like you, who would like to have holy objects as devotional support to your practice. It is contrary to our vows to engage in the business of selling holy objects for profit. Therefore we do not provide these objects in an ordinary way, thinking of them as goods to be bought and sold. Rather, we are making them available with the express wish to benefit others. All funds in excess of our costs help us to continue our activities.

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